BYOBW Big Wheels Race (USA)

Jan 18th 2013
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One Weird Race on the World’s Crookedest Street

Easter Sunday might convey images of hot cross buns, Easter egg hunting and church. But not in San Francisco as every Easter Sunday, there is a race of epic proportions down the steepest and crookedest street in the city.

No it’s not the famous Lombard street. Big wheels, tricycles, dump trucks and tractors race down Vermont Street in the Potrero Hill district. The only rules are that your craft must have plastic wheels. It is quite the spectacle when you’re racing down the hill and a beaver on a tractor passes you by. The race, known as BYOBW, finds participants bringing their own party and cleaning up after the event. Protective gear and costumes are highly recommended.

To find the race go to the top of Vermont Street not far off the US 101. Earlier in the day the infamous “Hunky Jesus” contest (a sexy Jesus look-alike competition) takes place in nearby Doroles Park. Always a good, strange time here in San Francisco.
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